Hacked by Shawdow force


MeSs WItH ThE BeSt Or DIe LIKe ReSt

WouNdED hEARt FruStaTed MinD

..We ArE BaCK BiTcHeS..

Op Pakistan --> This Op has been created for Paying Back to Pak Hackers for hacking Indian websites regarding OP Kashmir...

We forgave them many times, but thy are still mocking us...

What we want is pakistan should stop exporting terrorism in india, afgan, and russia....

and they should stop defacing Indian domains and stop abusing the religion...
stop this !!!!!

Hacked by Shawdow force

Gh0$T[#]~ Shawdow force ~[#]DeViL

We Are-->|+++++SaMuR@!+++++| +++++Shawdow Force+++++|+++++Priority+++++

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